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NorthX Biologics AB Introduces Proprietary AAV Plasmids, Bolstering Comprehensive Gene Therapy Support

MATFORS, Sweden, Nov. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NorthX Biologics AB, a pioneer in biopharmaceutical innovation, is excited to announce the launch of its proprietary plasmids for the efficient manufacture of AAV (Adeno-Associated Virus) vectors for gene therapy. This strategic expansion complements NorthX's existing GMP and non-GMP plasmid and viral vector production capabilities, allowing the company to offer end-to-end support to gene therapy companies, from sequence design to the final release of AAV gene therapy product.

NorthX's new proprietary AAV plasmids represent a significant extension of NorthX service offering within gene therapy. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in this new offering, which is designed to streamline the production process and accelerate the development of life-changing therapies.

In addition to the proprietary AAV plasmids, NorthX Biologics AB has recently acquired a viral vector manufacturing site in Stockholm, further enhancing its capabilities in the gene therapy space. This acquisition allows NorthX to provide a seamless offering, from sequence design to the final fill of gene therapy products utilizing AAV technology, all under one roof.

"At NorthX Biologics AB, we are dedicated to the development of more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing options for advanced therapies," said Ola Tuvesson, Chief Technology Officer at NorthX Biologics AB. "The launch of our proprietary AAV plasmids and the acquisition of the viral vector manufacturing site in Stockholm represent significant milestones in our mission to support the development of transformative gene therapies. We are excited to partner with gene therapy companies on their journey from concept to commercialization."

NorthX Biologics AB is committed to driving innovation in biopharmaceuticals, and this latest development underscores the company's dedication to advancing gene therapy solutions. The proprietary AAV plasmids will play a crucial role in accelerating the development of AAV-based gene therapies and addressing unmet medical needs.

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About NorthX Biologics AB:

NorthX Biologics AB is a leading biopharmaceutical company committed to pioneering solutions in gene therapy and biotechnology. With the introduction of proprietary AAV plasmids and the recent acquisition of a viral vector manufacturing site in Stockholm, NorthX is well-positioned to provide end-to-end support for gene therapy companies, from sequence design to final fill, and transform the landscape of gene therapy development.