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Helping advance biologics and ATMP's toward the clinic through collaboration and finding manufacturing solutions. Our Innovation Track allows us to work closer with our clients and participate in discovering new therapies. We are always interested in increasing our collaboration footprint, so please contact us if you have any opportunities.

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A leader in new technologies

At NorthX Biologics we take pride in adapting new technologies and different innovative platforms to our GMP processes. This enables development, upscaling and finally GMP manufacturing of innovative clinical material and supports our collaboration partners to help patients. We work closely with our staff and clients to provide solutions for biologics and ATMP's.

NorthX Biologics - A recognised Innovation Hub

Welcome to NorthX Biologics' Innovation Track. A place reserved for companies that need innovative support in their project or process. Project support comes in many forms, like: Analytical and Process Development, Preparatory work for moving to GMP and clinical studies, the need for regulatory experts, connections with financiers (public or private), or further production for clinical or commercial product.

Need for Innovation

We recognize that there may be projects that need more than just a service provider, and we provide that through our Innovation Track. We are a different kind of biologics company, because we are in it for the long term, adapting our GMP-manufacturing expertise to the changing technological landscape. Being recognised by the Swedish Government as an Innovation Hub is a testament to this. We are serious about helping you to bring advanced medicines to patients ! 

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Current collaborations

NorthX Biologics is currently collaborating as part of the OpenCorona Project led by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. In this collaboration, NorthX Biologics is responsible for the production of non-GMP and GMP Plasmids to support the development and commercialization of a DNA-vaccine for Covid-19. 

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Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information. We will be happy to answer.