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We are
NorthX Biologics

A new kind of biologics company

We offer services and support in the development and manufacturing of biologics used in vaccines, gene therapy and other advanced applications. Let's journey together.

Our biologics manufacturing services

We can support your project from concept through to commercial manufacturing. Our speed and flexibility allow for rapid program design and execution to overcome development challenges.

Our services

Plasmid DNA Production

We support our partners with a combination of plasmids for clinical and non clinical use.

mRNA Production

NorthX is proud to announce that we have added mRNA development and manufacturing capabilities to our solutions offering.

Protein Production

We provide GMP grade and High Quality Grade Manufacturing services for proteins in our manufacturing facility.

Development Services

Supporting the development of Bioprocesses and Analytics to bring medicines to patients fast.

Cell Therapy Production

Our cell therapy solutions include manufacturing of dendritic, stem, and other types of cells and can be produced on a scale from pre-clinical through to commercial manufacturing.

Viral Vector Production

We can support your viral vector program with our plasmid DNA and vector manufacturing solutions.  By combining these we streamline your project and can help reduce costs.

Aseptic Fill & Finish

With our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to quality, we offer exceptional aseptic fill/finish services that meet the highest standards in the industry.

The advantages of working with NorthX Biologics

Accelerate your product development processes

When it comes to biologics, product development is key. With the help of their core technology, NorthX Biologics has the ability to manufacture plasmid DNA, mRNA and proteins in GMP and non-GMP formats in the right amounts and the right time, to accelerate your project.

Thanks to a deep understanding of the biology behind therapeutics, vaccines and more, our scientific team can create targeted and innovative products that offer better patient outcomes while helping you develop products faster and more cost effectively.

Benefit from an advanced expertise in biologics

Our biologics team has extensive experience in drug development, from optimization to small-scale manufacturing and large-scale commercial production. We offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout the project, from technology transfer to continuous process improvement.

Reduce your development costs

We help customers achieve a rapid, cost-effective, and compliant route to market by providing a range of process optimization and scale-up services, including: scale-up development, early stage process development and validation, cGMP manufacturing, and more.

Upstream and downstream process development

At NXbio we have a proven track record of developing early-stage processes into manufacturing processes suitable for clinical applications and on to commercialization.  Our team provides guidance in key areas such as process development, process validation, and process economics through all stages of drug development, from preclinical testing to commercial manufacturing.

Work with NorthX Biologics to bring your products from lab to market

Our biologics company offers a range of flexible and cost-effective services, such as contract manufacturing, to provide customers with an economical route to market. Our team of experts can provide guidance and support throughout the project, from concept to commercial manufacturing.

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Learn more about biologics and NX Bio

What is a biologics company?

Biologics companies are responsible for the research and development of biologic drugs or components, such as microbial expressed proteins, plasmid DNA and GMP Master and Working cell banks. Biologics companies such as NorthX Biologics work in partnership with pharmaceutical companies to support various biologic programs through advanced laboratory installations and scientific expertise.

What is plasmid DNA?

Plasmid DNA production involves the extraction of a small, circular piece of DNA from bacteria. Plasmids are a type of extra-chromosomal DNA that are separate from the bacterial chromosomes. They are often used in molecular cloning and biotechnology, because they are relatively easy to manipulate and can be used to introduce new genetic material into a cell.

Plasmid DNA is produced by isolating a plasmid from a bacterial cell, and then replicating the plasmid in a laboratory. It can then be used in a variety of applications, such as gene therapy and gene editing. Plasmid DNA can also be used in the study of gene expression, to produce proteins, and to develop new vaccines.

What is protein production?

Protein production is the process of producing large quantities of a protein for use in research or therapeutic applications, such as pharmaceuticals or vaccines. Protein production is a highly specialized field of biotechnology that requires both expertise and sophisticated laboratory equipment. The resulting protein is often used for a variety of medical and research purposes, including drug discovery and development, enzyme replacement therapy, and diagnostic testing. In some cases, the purified protein is also used to create vaccines or biopharmaceuticals.

What can NXbio’s proteins be used for?

Our GMP proteins are manufactured in qualified clean rooms, fully QC tested, and released by our in-house QP. They're suitable for all phases of drug development and available for clinical and commercial use, such as:

  • Microbial expression;
  • Can be used as Drug Substance for human use;
  • GMP level analytics and CoA;
  • EU Release via on site QP;
  • Clinical commercial scale;

What is mRNA?

mRNA, short for messenger RNA, plays a crucial role in the process of protein synthesis within living cells. It carries the genetic instructions from DNA to the ribosomes, the cellular machinery responsible for protein production. mRNA is a fundamental component of the central dogma of molecular biology, which describes how genetic information is transcribed and translated to create proteins.

At its core, mRNA serves as a template for protein synthesis. The process begins in the cell's nucleus, where DNA is transcribed into mRNA. This newly formed mRNA molecule carries the genetic information encoded in the DNA sequence. It then travels out of the nucleus and into the cytoplasm, where it interacts with the ribosomes.

The ribosomes read the genetic instructions embedded within the mRNA and use them to assemble the corresponding amino acids into a protein chain. Each sequence of three nucleotides, known as a codon, specifies a particular amino acid. As the ribosome moves along the mRNA, it links the amino acids together, creating a functional protein molecule.

mRNA is a versatile tool in biomedical research and has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential applications in therapeutics. mRNA-based vaccines, for example, have revolutionized the field of vaccination. These vaccines use a synthetic form of mRNA that encodes specific viral proteins to trigger an immune response and provide immunity against infectious diseases.

The use of mRNA extends beyond vaccines. Researchers are exploring its potential in treating a wide range of diseases, including cancer, genetic disorders, and autoimmune conditions. By harnessing the body's natural protein synthesis machinery, mRNA therapeutics offer a promising avenue for targeted and personalized medicine.

As the field of mRNA research continues to advance, it holds the promise of unlocking new treatment options and improving patient outcomes. The remarkable adaptability and specificity of mRNA make it a valuable tool in the development of innovative therapies that can potentially address unmet medical needs.

At NorthX biologics we are at the forefront of mRNA research and development. Our team of experts is dedicated to harnessing the power of mRNA to create groundbreaking therapeutics. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of science and delivering innovative solutions that have the potential to transform the future of medicine.

What is cell banking?

Cell banking is the process of preserving cells for future use in research or manufacturing. This can include storing cells at low temperatures, such as in liquid nitrogen, to maintain their viability over extended periods of time. NorthX Biologics offers their partners Master and Working cell banks, both GMP grade.

What are GMP grade Master cell banks and Working cell banks?

GMP grade (Good Manufacturing Practice) Master cell banks and Working cell banks are two types of cell banks used in biotechnology. Master cell banks are created from a single, well-characterized source of cells and are preserved for long-term storage and for use in creating Working cell banks. Working cell banks are created from Master cell banks and are used for production purposes. The cells in Working cell banks are typically characterized and tracked for genetic stability, cell growth rates, and product quality.

What is the difference between biologics and pharmaceuticals?

Biologics and pharmaceuticals are two different types of medicines used to treat different conditions, though both are found in the same class of medications.

  • Pharmaceuticals are medicines created using chemicals, while biologics are medicines created using living cells.
  • Pharmaceuticals have been around for much longer than biologics, and are generally cheaper. Biologics, however, are often more effective and can be tailored as treatment to specific diseases or conditions, improving the lives of patients.