NorthX Biologics is here to support your biologic program from start to finish. We provide a complete solution where, in modern well-equipped labs, our skilled scientists take care of your project.

Each project and product are unique, and we strive to partner with you to ensure that your special needs are catered for. We work in close collaboration with our customers and encourage them to come to our lab and take an active part in the process.

Our complete biologics manufacturing services

We can support your project from concept through to commercial manufacturing. Our speed and flexibility allow for rapid program design and execution to overcome development challenges.

At NorthX Biologics we have a proven track record of developing early-stage processes into manufacturing processes suitable for clinical applications and on to commercialization. We understand the need for different levels of process performance and analytical control through pre-clinical and clinical development stages. Irrespectively if your product is a pDNA, protein or any other advanced biologic, we support you all the way.

At NorthX Biologics, we provide an extensive range of testing services tailored to the advanced products we manufacture. Our expertise encompasses most biologics, such as RNA/DNA, recombinant proteins and enzymes, peptides, and particle-based vaccines (OMVs, LNPs etc.). ​

We are experts in the production of plasmid DNA and can support your project from pre-clinical through to commercial manufacture. We offer plasmid DNA to the right quality at the right time, no matter if you are working with DNA vaccines, viral vector gene therapies, mRNA or any other modalities.

At NorthX Biologics, we provide state-of-the-art mRNA development and production services, helping our clients navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of mRNA-based therapeutics. Our range of services encompasses every step of the process from initial development to final aseptic fill/finish, ensuring a consistent, high-quality product, whether for research and development (R&D) or good manufacturing practice (GMP) applications.

At NorthX Biologics, we’re proud to offer a wide spectrum of protein production services, specializing in recombinant proteins. Our experienced team of scientists can take your gene sequence through gene cloning, plasmid construction, and expression-ready constructs, to final protein purification. We work with a range of expression systems and cell types including microbial, mammalian and human cell lines. Learn more about how we can support your project from start to finish.

We are BSL 2+ and 3 certified and can handle any virus or viral vector that you may need. We support cell and gene therapy (CGT) projects from pre-clinical through to commercial manufacture. and can produce Adeno-associated virus (AAV), Adenovirus (AV), Lentivirus (LV) Arenavirus, Flavivirus, and retrovirus (RV) for GMP and non GMP applications. We pair this with our Process and analytical development and plasmid DNA supply in order to give our clients a simple and fast approach to CGT applications.

At NorthX Biologics, we are at the forefront of advancing non-viral delivery systems to revolutionize therapeutic delivery and ensure precise, efficient, and safe treatments. Our expertise spans a range of cutting-edge technologies, such as outer membrane vesicles (OMVs), liposomes, exosomes, and other systems.

NorthX Biologics offers a full suite of services designed to optimize your cell therapy products’ development, production, and delivery. We’re here to support your mission of bringing life-changing therapies to patients in need. We specialize in various cell types, including dendritic, stem and IPSC.

At NorthX Biologics, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. With our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to quality, we offer exceptional aseptic fill/finish services that meet the highest standards in the industry.

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Let’s journey together

NorthX Biologics is dedicated to the journey of complex biologics. Let us know how we can help move your product forward.