Cell Therapy

NorthX Biologics offers a full suite of services designed to optimize your cell therapy products' development, production, and delivery. We're here to support your mission of bringing life-changing therapies to patients in need. We specialize in various cell types, including dendritic, stem and IPSC.

Discover NorthX Biologics’ complete cell therapy production solutions

Discover NorthX Biologics’ complete cell therapy production solutions

At NorthX Biologics, our commitment to safety and quality is unwavering. When you select us for your cell therapy production, rest assured that your therapeutic products receive the highest level of care, precision, and efficiency. Your products are in capable hands with NorthX Biologics, adhering to the industry’s most stringent standards.

Our expert team applies a deep understanding of bioprocessing to create ideal conditions for cell growth. Our protocols aim to:

  • Maximize cell health and proliferation
  • Ensure batch-to-batch consistency, a critical factor in clinical applications

Our efficient and proven processes are designed to:

  • Isolate cells, preserving their viability and integrity
  • Maximize yield, recognizing the value of each cell in cell therapy

Our team operates within strict environments to:

  • Package your products under stringent quality controls
  • Encapsulate therapies in vials designed for optimal storage conditions and distribution efficiency

Our state-of-the-art freezing technologies aim to:

  • Preserve cell therapies’ functionality and potency for extended periods
  • Widen the treatment window through prolonged cell viability

Our safety measures include:

  • Applying irradiation to eliminate potential residual living contaminants
  • Adding an additional layer of safety for your cell therapies

Our Qualified Person (QP) ensures that:

  • Your product has met all quality standards
  • The final drug product is safe and ready for patient administration

Our commitment extends to all facets of cell therapy development, providing:

  • Cutting-edge technology for evaluating the identity, potency, purity, and safety of your product
  • A comprehensive profile of your cell therapy to streamline regulatory submissions

Cell Therapy is the future. Let's journey together

Cell Therapies can be complex but we are ready to support your project from start to finish.  We can work with many different cell types, including dendritic, iPSC and stem cells.  Let us know how we can help with your upcoming cell therapy project

Let’s journey together

NorthX Biologics is dedicated to the journey of complex biologics. Let us know how we can help move your product forward.