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Protein Production

We are experts in manufacturing of microbial expressed protein at all scales ranging from shake flasks to 500L fermentation volume. We can support your program from early gram needs to annual supply of several hundred kilograms. We provide several quality grades suitable for your specific need. 

Fermentor protein production

GMP Grade

Our GMP grade proteins are manufactured according to full GMP in qualified clean rooms, are fully QC tested using phase appropriate validated methods. The product is QA reviewed and released by our in house QP. The proteins can be used for any application from early clinical phase to commercial stage products. 

  • Microbial expression
  • Can be used as Drug Substance for human use
  • GMP level analytics and CoA
  • EU Release via on site QP
  • Clinical commercial scale

High quality Grade

For applications where GMP is not required but traceability and purity are of highest importance we offer large scale manufacturing according to our High Quality - QMS system. The High Quality- QMS system provides full traceability, QA oversight and QC analytics at an affordable cost. Our High Quality protein offering is suitable for the manufacture of ligand proteins, diagnostic proteins and proteins use for other non clinical applications.

  • High quality level analytics
  • From small to large scale manufacturing 
Columns downstream process

Research Grade

We provide the manufacturing of research grade protein for preclinical in vitro and in vivo applications. Our offering include manufacturing in small scale shake flasks to 15L fermentation in stirred tank fermenters. All with aligned downstream purification services and flexible analytical testing.