Non-viral Systems

At NorthX Biologics, we are at the forefront of advancing non-viral delivery systems to revolutionize therapeutic delivery and ensure precise, efficient, and safe treatments. Our expertise spans a range of cutting-edge technologies that offer innovative solutions for drug delivery, gene therapy, and vaccine development. Here’s how we’re leading the way:

Examples of Non-viral Systems that we can support

Non-viral systems are becoming more and more desired in the market and we are here to support your project from early phase to commercial manufacturing.  Learn more about what we do and how we can move your non-viral project forward.

Harnessing the power of nature, our OMV technology leverages the innate ability of bacterial outer membrane vesicles to deliver therapeutic molecules. This technology is particularly effective in vaccine development and immunotherapy, providing a robust platform for delivering antigens and stimulating immune responses. Our proprietary methods ensure high yield and purity, optimizing OMVs for various therapeutic applications.

Liposomes are versatile, spherical vesicles that can encapsulate both hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances, making them ideal carriers for a wide range of therapeutic agents, including drugs and genetic material. At NorthX Biologics, we employ advanced liposome formulation techniques to enhance the stability, targeting, and controlled release of encapsulated therapeutics, thereby improving efficacy and minimizing side effects.

Exosomes are natural nanocarriers secreted by cells that play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication. We leverage their intrinsic properties to develop exosome-based delivery systems capable of transporting therapeutic RNA, DNA, and proteins directly to target cells. Our scalable production processes ensure high-quality exosome preparations, paving the way for breakthroughs in regenerative medicine and gene therapy.

Utilizing cell-penetrating peptides, our peptide-based delivery systems enhance the intracellular delivery of therapeutic molecules. These peptides can traverse cell membranes, allowing for efficient delivery of drugs and genetic material into cells, which is critical for treating various genetic and metabolic disorders.

Combining the best features of multiple delivery platforms, our hybrid systems offer enhanced stability, targeting, and therapeutic efficacy. By integrating different non-viral vectors, we create customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each therapeutic application.

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Choose NorthX Biologics as your partner in non-viral projects and benefit from our deep expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and a commitment to excellence. Together, we can drive innovation and achieve groundbreaking results.

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