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About us

We provide process development and manufacturing services with expertise in plasmids, proteins and other advanced biologics. NorthX Biologics sits in the heart of Sweden, and our team has been manufacturing biologics to GMP since 1988. In 2021 we were recognised as a national innovation hub for advanced therapeutics and vaccines. 

Presentation NorthX facility

Our site

The site was built in 1963 as a district pharmacy and has evolved over the years. Production of biologics began in 1988 and for the next 30 years continued to support the growing need for advanced medicines. The brand NorthX Biologics was created in October 2021. Our ambition is to continue to provide the best process development and manufacturing service in plasmids, proteins and other advanced biologicals, expand our other ATMP partnerships and continue to grow with our customers and the biologics industry.

Our facility

Our facility of approx 7000m2 is equipped with purpose built flexible clean rooms and state of the art equipment. We operate dedicated fully controlled manufacturing suites and labratories ready to host any biological program. Our location ensures stable power supply and the access to clean water and media. We provide GMP and High Quality grade microbial fermentation for proteins and plasmid DNA as well as cell banking. Since being designated a national innovation hub, we are expanding our process development capabilities to cover many other ATMPs. 

Certifications and approvals

The site hold a GMP manufacting authorisation and a valid GMP license from EMA. The site has a long track record of succesful inspections from regulatory bodies as well as customers. 

Northx facility inside

Customer values

Small and experienced - Our team of 130+ people are used to direct communication with SME's and have years of experience to support your programs.
Innovation and support - We are a recognised Innovation hub with the capability and mandate to help innovative projects with process development and scale-up.
Reliability - We offer fast and flexible service in development and production.

Our services

We can support early phase projects in many forms. Our flexibility allows for rapid and efficient program design and execution.

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