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Scientist Analytical Development

About the job

NorthX Biologics is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization that offer services and support in the development and manufacturing of biologics used in vaccines, gene therapy and other advanced applications. We have a long tradition of pharmaceutical manufacturing and have been manufacturing GMP biologics since 1992. In 2021 we were recognised as a national innovation hub for advanced therapeutics and vaccines and have expanded our development capabilities to serve our clients. This includes a new development organisation with cutting edge laboratories and technologies. We are now looking for a skilled scientist to join our Analytical Development team with starting date at the earliest convenience.

You will be supporting customer and development programs with knowledge and expertise in a broad range of analytical methods, especially HPLC for characterisation of mRNA, DNA and proteins. You will be planning, executing, and reporting experiments to develop robust and reproducible methods that can be validated for GMP. You are technically skilled in HPLC and molecular biology and are experienced in analysis of biologics. Industrial and GMP experience is meriting, but for the right person and combination of technical skills, this position could be a perfect opportunity to transition from academia to industry. An academic level of MSc or PhD within a relevant field will be prioritized but could be reconsidered if a relevant professional experience level can be proven.

The candidate we are seeking have current knowledge about modern front-line technologies and methods within life science and biologics. A minimum of 2 years experience of HPLC method development is crucial and HPLC analysis of mRNA is highly meriting. We would like to see a person with deep scientific understanding of molecular biology and next-generation analytical technology. Detailed technical skills that are meriting are listed below. In addition to listed skills, your curiosity and desire to expand your expertise to various disciplines is highly valued.

Technical skills:

Highly meriting

  • HPLC mRNA analysis
  • Other HPLC applications
  • Digital PCR
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Nanoparticle analysis (NTA, DLS, AF4)
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Advanced biostatistics


  • Basic molecular biology methods (gels, qPCR, ELISA etc.)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Basic cell culture
  • Cell-based assays
  • Cloning
  • Capillary electrophoresis
  • Basic microbiology

Examples of daily work tasks:

  • Planning, executing, analyzing and reporting of experiments for both clients and internal projects
  • Develop and troubleshoot protocols and methods
  • Support development programs within process and product testing
  • Support operations and QC with analytical testing
  • Continuous assessment of new technologies/methods to improve our offer
  • Procurement commissioning and testing of analytical instruments
  • Participate in method transfer to the QC lab for GMP validation
  • Provide expertise to other departments
  • Acting project resource in customer projects and communicating with customers regarding their analytical packages

The nature of the position is extensively hands-on in the laboratory, but also includes documenting and writing. You are self-motivated and demonstrate high levels of creativity in finding solutions to complex analytical problems. The NorthX working climate is highly collaborative and you are expected to bring a positive force to the team and be prepared to assist where needed. You also need to communicate professionally with customers, which is why intrapersonal skills and experience to work in teams will be highly valued. Applicants must be able to demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills and be fluent in English. A minimum of basic Swedish is preferred.

NorthX Biologics is an expanding company within an exciting field, working with customers and projects globally. For the right candidate we are offering a position with strong opportunities for personal development. NorthX Biologics is located in Matfors, 4h north of Stockholm, with a 15 min commute to the city of Sundsvall. Housing in the area is affordable and availability of rentals with immediate access is high. One of the larger housing companies offers a fast-track to available rentals for newly employed individuals migrating to the municipality. NorthX value the work-life-balance for employees and offers flexibility in planning your workdays and hours. The city and area offer a high quality of life through closeness to nature, a vast variety of activities on snow, water and land and a city center rich in restaurants, history and cultural events.

For further information, please contact:

Isa Lindgren, Head of Analysis Email:

Akademikerna, Isabel Edström Email:

Unionen, Magda Niewolik Email:

Please send you application, including CV and personal letter, to HR:

Applications are due 2023-10-16 and handled on an ongoing basis