#Employeespotlight Carina Sjölinder

Today for the #employeespotlight series we are honoring our long-term employee Carina Sjölinder (NorthX QA officer). Carina started working in what today is the NorthX building over 45 years ago! ​

”Back then all of the employees used to wear lab coats at all times – including the site manager.”​ 👨‍🔬

Undoubtedly, Carina has a long-standing career in the Pharmaceutical/CDMO industry and is now back in the house. In her role as a QA officer, she has the responsibility of making sure the quality requirements of the production have been fulfilled to ensure consumer safety (together with the other members of the QA-team). “NorthX is a place where quality thinking is built into the walls, she says.”​

 “Some of the most important attributes you can have as a QA officer is having a risked-based way of thinking and the ability to see the bigger picture”. The best thing with her job is the excitement of being a part in the process of producing a new potential drug that hopefully will help people.

⭐ We are thankful that you are a part of our NorthX Team Carina!

About NorthX Biologics AB

NorthX Biologics is a CDMO and Innovation Hub in Advanced Biologics, with +30 years of GMP production experience. The team provides process development and GMP manufacturing services with expertise in plasmid DNA, mRNA, proteins, cells and other advanced biologics. Headquartered in the heart of Sweden, the team serves customers worldwide and in 2021 was recognized as a national innovation hub for advanced therapeutics and vaccines. NorthX has the ambition to become a leading cell and gene therapy manufacturer and partner of choice for innovative drug development companies.

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